Arbonne RE9 Advance Set 2013 Review

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I wanted to do this review an this range was my “main” range of 2013. I was first introduced to this range by a work college who was marketing this company as a part time job.  
Basically the products cannot be sold in store as they need to contain and certain shelf life and these products don’t contain any of those chemically as they are based on botanical principles. They also don’t splash out major amounts of money advertising their product so you won’t see any of these products in magazines and that’s where the marketing comes in. Basically it’s a word of mouth tactic where you get people to join marketing campaign; in return you get discount on the products and earn money when you yourself get others to sign up. 
The set itself cost a whopping  £257 on the officially website, I know, it’s a lot right! I didn't pay that much I paid about £90 on Ebay, which works out to about £15 per product which isn't too bad in comparison.
Now for the product review and just before I start I just want to stay that I try to do honest and open reviews for all my products weather it’s a fanatics review or not so good.  Everyone is different, we have different tastes and our bodies are unique, so things I like and work for me might not be for you a vice versa. So if you really want to try a products and you read one or two bad review I suggest you don’t get put off and go ahead and try it (maybe if there are loads and loads of bad reviews you might want to stay away).

RE9 Advanced Smoothing Facial Cleanser 90ML
This is a cleanser that that does do its jobs. It gives a good deep clean and gets all that clogged up oils, dirty and make up on your skin. Afterwards my skin felt smooth and so clean. This is a great cleansing product and I would recommend. The only issue I have with it is that it is very soapy and can feel quite drying.  6/10

RE9 Advanced Regenerating Toner 50ML
Love this toner! It’s really refreshing and smells great. My skin feels really refreshed once I’ve used the product. It’s great that it comes with a spray form which adds to the refreshment. In my opinion it’s a good toner but I will be looking at others after it is finished. 7/10

RE9 Advanced Intensive Renewal Serum 30ML
I must admit I have never used Serum before I’ve used this one so I have nothing I can compare too. This product felt great from the moment I put it on, making my face so smooth, like a baby’s bottom as they say, this is a product that I’m very very happy with. 7.5/10

RE9 Advanced Corrective Eye Crème 15ML
I have always had an issue with the bags and dark circles under my eyes so a good eye crème is very important to me. For this cream I’m a bit torn with my thoughts on it, it makes the skin under my eyes smooth but not does not make them feel refreshed as I would like. It has a soapy smell to it like the cleanser which for me isn’t to my taste I guess. It’s a good product but I will be looking at a new eye cream once this had finished. 6.5/10

RE9 Advanced Restorative Day Crème 37ML
I don’t want to be negative but I did not like this product. I smelt and felt like I was putting sun screen on my face. My face felt dry and not at all moisturised.I used it for a time but then had to get another moisturiser as this just wasn't working for me. 3/10

RE9 Advanced Night Repair Crème 30ML
Unlike the day cream and night cream is amazing, Its one for my favourite night creams every! It felt like I was putting a blanket if silk over my face and it just what your skin needs after a long day. I would absolutely recommend and get this product again, it is my favourite product from the set. A must have. 9/10

Overall this Is a good set, maybe not a great one in my opinion and I’m not sure it’s worth the full marked up price but if you can get if for £90 like myself then it would be worth what you got. These products are anti ageing products so they would benefit mature skin as I cannot say I have noticed a difference on my skin.

Would love to know others experiences and thought on these products.

Have you used Arbonne RE9 Products? And what did you think?

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